What does this Course include?

logo Course lectures
logo Chapter-wise Quiz
logo 1-Year course access(Extendable)
logo Trainer Presentation
logo Reference library
logo Course assignments & more

Objectives of this Course

bullet What is Confluence?
bullet Team Collaboration in Confluence
bullet Why is it used?
bullet Sharing content
bullet Understanding workspaces
bullet Confluence and Jira Integration

Who can take up this Course?

This course has no pre-requisites & anyone, who is interested in learning the fundamentals of confluence, can take up this course

Course Take-away

logo Once you complete the course, you will be able to use confluence for day-to-day work as well as manage a collaborative work environment.
logo The course will also help you learn how to integrate confluence and jira together

Course Syllabus

Confluence Basics
1 What is Confluence?
2 Why Conflunece
3 Basic concepts of confluence
4 Accessing confluence
5 Chapter Quiz
Creating Spaces
1 Create Team Spacces
2 How to use templates
3 Manage Spaces
4 Chapter Quiz
Creating Pages
Creating Cross-Tabulated Reports using:
1 Creating Personal Page
2 Creating Child Page
3 Using Templates
4 Managing Pages
5 Chapter Quiz
1 Text Formatting
2 Table Formatting
3 Navigating Through the Formatting Bar
3 Inserting and Working with Attachments
4 Chapter Quiz
Searching content
1 Using advanced search
2 Using labels
3 Using quick search options
4 Confluence standard plan features
5 Chapter Quiz
1 Using Macros
2 Frequently Used Macros
3 Chapter Quiz
Confluence and Jira Integration
1 Understanding Jira
2 Understanding the integration
3 Chapter Quiz

Meet our Course Expert

Nitin_Kumar_Deswal Nitin_Kumar_Deswal

Nitin Kumar Deswal

Nitin Kumar Deswal is an Electrical Engineer and an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune. He has worked as Technical Consultant with an IT firm and was also part of a Life Insurance Company. He has worked as a sales representative for a short stint with India’s leading private bank and currently working with a global bank as a Business Analyst. ...Read More
He has experience in varied roles such as consulting, sales, operations, data analytics, and business analysis. Nitin is an IIBA certified and AWS certified Business Analyst, he is an avid business analysis content creator and passionate about giving back to the society. His fields of interest are process analysis, requirement analysis, stakeholder management, mentorship, consultation, and teaching. Read Less

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Confluence Certification FAQs

What is confluence used for?

Confluence is a tool for team collaboration and documentation that allows for the creation, sharing, and organization of content.

Is it hard to learn Confluence?

Confluence has a user-friendly interface, so some people find learning it simple while others might need more time to properly understand all of its functions.

How to use confluence?

Create content pages, communicate with team members, and organize information using Confluence's user-friendly interface.

How to use confluence for project management?

Confluence may aid in project management by establishing project areas, drafting plans, monitoring development, and streamlining team communication.

How much does confluence cost?

The cost of Confluence is determined on the plan you select, with different pricing levels available based on the desired features and user count.

What is the difference between jira and confluence?

Confluence is more geared towards collaborative documentation and knowledge sharing, whereas Jira concentrates on issue tracking and project management."

What are the advantages of using Jira and Confluence?

The advantages of using Jira include efficient issue tracking, while Confluence offers improved collaboration among your team through shared documentation. "

What is the difference between Jira Trello and Confluence?

Jira Trello is more visually-oriented, ideal for smaller projects, while Confluence focuses on comprehensive documentation. "

Can I use Confluence for free?

Yes, Confluence offers a free plan with limited features, suitable for smaller teams.

What is Confluence in Jira used for?

Confluence in Jira is used for documenting project requirements, specifications, and other project-related information.

How to use confluence with jira?

You can integrate Confluence with Jira to link project documentation with your tasks, issues, and projects for better context.

Is Confluence a scrum?

Confluence is not a Scrum framework itself; it's a tool that can be used to support Scrum practices.

Is Confluence a CRM tool?

Confluence is not a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool; it's a collaboration and documentation platform.

Is Confluence an agile tool?

Confluence is often used in agile environments for creating and sharing agile project documentation, user stories, and sprint planning.

Is it a Cloud or a server?

Confluence is available as both a cloud-based and server-based solution.

Is Confluence a tracking tool?

While Confluence can be used for tracking project progress, it's not primarily designed as a dedicated tracking tool like Jira.

What is confluence used for in agile?

In an agile context, Confluence is used for creating and sharing agile artifacts such as user stories, sprint plans, and retrospectives.

How much time will I have access to this course?

You will have access to the course for 1 year as your access to the LMS portal is valid till 1 year. However, you may extend your access as per your requirement.

What are prerequisites for this course?

This course welcomes all individuals interested in learning the basics of Confluence, and there are no prerequisites for enrollment.

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